ActiveSpine offers much more than chiropractic care. We offer an innovative approach to health and fitness through functional training; it focuses on the need to move three dimensionally, while educating you on how to live your best life. Three dimensional training is designed to increase mobility, stability, build strength, prevent injuries, and create power. These principles can be applied to high school athletes, professionals, senior citizens, children, and anyone in between.

We offer an environment that encourages clients to meet their goals.

Chiropractic Care
ActiveSpine doctors use a treatment style that is unique to the chiropractic world. They place great emphasis on the bodys soft tissues and use a hands-on approach to reduce muscular spasm, increase flexibility, and lessen joint pain. They also provide patients with knowledge to manage their own symptoms through comprehensive rehabilitation programs. The increased patient involvement allows for a speedy return to play/work/function and reduces overall treatment duration and frequency.

Exercise Prescription
If you want to start exercising or need to shake up your routine, this is a great resource for beginner, intermediate, or advanced activity levels. We will determine where you are at physically before beginning and then provide exercise suggestions and advice to fit your needs. You can schedule one-on-one sessions as frequently as you would like. Whether you want to start exercising, train for a 5K, or improve your golf swing, this is the resource for you.

Exercise Therapy
Exercise therapy is here to make sure you are ready to get back to the playing field, work, and every day activities by providing rehabilitation-type stretches and exercises. This is used in the transition period, after the acute phase of an injury and before returning fully to exercise. These stretches and exercises are functional and based on the movements performed daily or in your chosen activity. This service can also be utilized to provide exercise suggestions or answer questions about technique, frequency, intensity, or type of exercise.

Nutrition Consultations
Living a healthy and active lifestyle encompasses many different aspects, nutrition being a core component. Without proper nutrition your body is not functioning at its highest level. A balanced diet will increase energy levels, boost your immune system, and ease the process of maintaining a healthy weight. Nutrition consultations will teach you how to incorporate healthy choices into your daily life and how to maintain a healthy diet, no matter what the circumstance.