Golf Performance Training

Is Your Time or Performance on the Golf Course Suffering Due to Pain?

Far too many golfers are unable to play as often or as well as they would like because of pain. An efficient and powerful swing is developed through a combination of mobility, stability, and power. In the ActiveSpine Golf Performance Program you will begin with a comprehensive golf-specific movement assessment. Limitations in mobility, strength, or stability at individual joints can have global consequences which can lead to an inefficient golf swing and even pain. By understanding your specific joint and movement limitations we will work with you to develop a program to address your needs.

Following the assessment is a “jump-start treatment”. Dr. Tommy utilizes soft tissue therapy, chiropractic adjustments, cupping, and cutting edge rehab strategies to accelerate your road to recovery.

Now the real work begins, in the next two days you will receive your individualized 6 week mobility & strength program based on your assessment findings, past medical history, and golf-related goals. This program is designed for YOU. That means it is created based on your weekly workout availability, and access to gym equipment so you can perform the program anywhere and on your own time. Whether your goal is to outdrive your buddies, play without low back pain, or develop the endurance to maintain mechanics over the course of a round-we’ve got a plan specifically for you.

Each program is delivered as a PDF with embedded videos to ensure proper technique every time. In addition you receive access to Dr. Tommy for any questions that arise during the program. Included with each program is a 5-minute golf course warm-to address your individual needs. Now when you arrive at the course, you’re equipped with an efficient, specific warm-up program so you’re feeling your best before a round.

Get started by scheduling your movement assessment and treatment below. Questions? Email: [email protected]



Golf Performance Program