Active Spine provides nutrition counseling for those with special dietary needs and for those who want to have a more balanced diet. We provide specific recommendations on nutritional supplements and healthy food choices to enhance our patient´s return to optimal health. Our approach to wellness is deeply rooted in the foundational concept of bio-individuality. We want to help you reach your goals by helping you sort through conflicting health advice and confusing food myths, avoiding modern diets and health fads, to live a “cleaner and greener” lifestyle that will last.

Do you know which vitamins and supplements are most effective for your unique concerns? We can customize a nutritional program based on your individual needs to get you back on track.

Nutritional Counseling Introduction:

Are you wondering how our approach could work for you? Would you like some general nutrition guidelines to help guide you, and advice on choosing supplements that best fit the challenges you’d like to overcome? Do you have questions about your current diet?

Come in for a short intro session, and we’ll discuss all the options so you have all the information you need to choose the best route to move forward.

$35 for 30 min Intro to Nutrition session

A Powerful Approach: Nutritional Therapy

Active Spine understands that we all have different goals, needs, and willingness to make changes on the road to optimal nutrition. This is why we also provide unique nutritional counseling for those with special dietary needs, for those that are serious about cleaning up their diet, and those who would like to find the root causes underlying the health symptoms that plague them. Symptoms are your body’s warning cries for help- like a fire alarm. Medications only mask these symptoms, and silence the alarm, allowing the underlying damage to the body to continue to worsen.

Our certified nutritional therapist, Elicia Kortus will teach you how to listen to your body, and give specific recommendations for changes that will remove the stressors and help you get back on the road to optimal health.

She will help you sort through the conflicting health advice and confusing food myths of the day, avoiding modern diets and health FADS to live a cleaner and leaner lifestyle that will last.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates 460 B.C.) is one of the fundamental principles of Hippocrates, the father of western medicine. This is what Nutritional Therapy does in the 21st century.

As a holistic discipline used for thousands of years, Nutritional Therapy is now being rediscovered by modern culture. This system of healing is based on the belief that nutrient sufficiency – attained through a properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole food diet – provides essential building blocks for the body to balance itself, leading us to optimal health. Targeted, customized supplementation of herbs and vitamins can also be used in conjunction with dietary changes to augment the body’s journey back to health in an efficient, streamlined manner, avoiding much confusion, stress and discomfort for the client.

The concept behind Nutritional Therapy is not a new one. Our bodies are amazingly capable of restoring balance, given the right fuel! * The great nutritional pioneers like Weston A. Price, DDS, Dr. Francis Pottenger, MD, Royal Lee, DDS, and Melvin Page, DDS, provided us with supporting scientific evidence that consuming a properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet along with short-term use of targeted, high quality supplements (used therapeutically), health can be completely restored at the cellular level.

The assessment techniques used in Elicia’s practice allow her to detect and correct underlying dysfunction caused by nutritional imbalances, and to work with each client respecting their biochemical individuality.

Through carefully designed bio-individual dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations, along with sensible advice for adequate hydration, rest, and stress management, Nutritional Therapy promotes optimal health – effectively balancing body chemistry and reducing, or even eliminating dysfunction.

How does Nutritional Therapy differ from other nutrition/dietitian services?

Most traditional nutritionists today hold little – if any at all -respect for the importance of bio-chemical individuality. Conversely, a Nutritional Therapist recognizes that there is no “one fits all” diet and focuses on the unique needs of each client to provide a customized nutritional protocol.

Within each of us lies an innate intelligence. We all possess different nutrient deficiencies, different toxic burdens, different stress levels, different eating habits, different health histories, and different physiological functions (i.e. organ damage or removal such as a missing gallbladder, appendix, reproductive organs, etc.). Therefore, each person needs a customized nutrition plan that will yield quick results.

  • A Nutritional Therapist views a client as a complete organism – investigating the underlying root causes of health issues, focusing on “systems” instead of “symptoms”.

    A dietitian focuses on treating symptoms, rather than finding the true causes of most modern health issues.

  • A Nutritional Therapist focuses on replenishment to aid the body’s innate intelligence in healing itself. This is preventative medicine.

    A dietitian fails to recognize the connection between nutrition and common conditions such as asthma, digestive problems, sinusitis, blood sugar handling, hormone/ menstrual issues, muscle cramping, fatigue, etc.

  • A Nutritional Therapist knows there are other important factors for health outside the scope of nutritional therapy such as electromagnetic/energetic interferences, emotional issues and structural defects, and refers out to the appropriate practitioners.

    A dietitian does not address any of these external factors.

  • A Nutritional Therapist aims to replenish specific amounts of nutrients to promote balanced health in each and every individual (bio-individuality).

    A dietitian follows the outdated recommended daily amounts of nutrients recommended by the government – a “one-size-fits-all” approach. These RDA’s were actually never intended to be a marker of “optimal health”, and are not enough to help you overcome health challenges- they were only designed to be the general bare minimum guidelines for the avoidance of diseases like rickets and scurvy.

The hands-on Functional Evaluation is unique to Nutritional Therapy. It is often referred to as FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION. This is a gentle, non-invasive hands-on health assessment tool that takes your health to a whole new level, allowing very specific customization to your body’s specific needs. Some of the evaluation techniques will be familiar to you, (blood pressure assessment and pupil response test), while other techniques will be new to you. Tthis evaluation will further target your bio-individual nutritional needs, allowing us to maximize your results in the shortest time frame.

Nutritional Therapy will benefit everyone, and it can be particularly helpful if you suffer from:
Hypoglycemia, Adrenal and Thyroid dysfunction, GI Problems, Behavioral issues, Autism, Mood disorders, Allergies and sensitivities, Skin issues, Hormone imbalances and infertility, Cravings, Low Energy, Weight loss and weight gain, Overcoming addictions

A Step By Step Approach

Elicia uses her unique step by step system for all her services in order to make the journey a fun and easy experience.

One On One Services

Consult with nutritional professional Elicia over the phone, Skype, or meet her in her practice.

Initial Consultation & Functional Evaluation

The initial consultation usually lasts between 1.5 to 2.5 hours. During this time we will review the 3 to 5-day food journal, we will discuss your lifestyle, family history, and health concerns and goals .We will work together to create a comprehensive, detailed plan for you. The consultation includes personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations, recipe suggestions and self-care education.The functional evaluation is an invaluable tool to assess your body’s strengths and weaknesses and find the right nutritional supplements and foods to achieve your goals in the fastest way possible. This consultation is often split into several shorter sessions for your convenience.


Follow Up Appointments

Follow up appointments are usually scheduled 3 to 6 weeks after the initial consultation. They are necessary to monitor your progress, and to modify your eating plan and supplemental regimen as you begin to achieve your goals.


Nutritional Therapy Packages

My programs are custom designed with you in mind. It takes time and consistency to undo the damage brought about by unhealthy food choices, as well as emotional, physical and environmental stress.

During the 3-month or 6-month programs we will work together as a team to help you move towards optimal health. We will take a step by step approach to address imbalances and nutritional deficiencies in your body, while also learning how to nourish yourself and to befriend food. Nutrition is an evolving science, and we are constantly bombarded by new information, so we will assist you in developing a custom strategy that works for you. We will also give you this information in a way that is easy to understand and to implement.

Foundations Program 3-month
Initial consultation, 2 follow up visits, 1 farmer’s market/grocery store, pantry clean-up

Three Month (90 day) Program
Initial consultation, 6 in-office or phone/skype follow ups (bi-monthly), 1 farmer’s market/grocery store tour, pantry clean-up

Six Month (180 day) Program
Initial consultation, 12 in-office or phone/skype follow ups (bi-monthly), 1 farmer’s market/grocery store tour, pantry clean-up

On-going Maintenance Program

The Maintenance Program is for clients who have completed the three-month or six-month program. We can continue to work together during one session per month, also including email support. The Maintenance Program is designed to help you transition step-by-step to an optimally healthy lifestyle that fits you. We will work together until you feel comfortable managing a healthy lifestyle on your own.

*Packages expire 1 year after purchase date.