Health Coaching

At Active Spine Chiropractic we believe that health and wellness are obtained through the small steps we take each day. Everything we do in the office is designed to educate, enable, and encourage our patients along that path.

One way we help patients start out on the right foot is with our Health Coaching program. The healthy eating habits and ease of use of this program allow for remarkable results quickly, and in an achievable way. In addition, our strategies will enable you to optimize your health for the long term.

If you’ve failed to lose weight in the past, or if you want to lose weight but aren’t sure how to do so safely and effectively, then we invite you to call our office at 605­-271­-8277 to schedule a free consultation.

Why Health Coaching?

I was introduced to this Health Coaching program through a mentor of mine. He works in the medical field himself and had been looking for a way to help his patients lose weight in a safe and effective way. After seeing amazing results with his patients both physically and mentally he encouraged me to offer Health Coaching to my patients as well.

I was hesitant – as I have tried other avenues of weight loss products in order to help my patients with their weight loss and health goals. Let’s face it – we all want quick results – and when we fail to see results quick – we get discouraged and give up and go back to our old habits of living unhealthy and unACTIVE. This program not only offers you safe and effective results – but also the motivation and tools to keep the weight off.

To me, that is the key. And therefore, we have decided to offer you the FREE coaching to help you get to your weight loss and life goal – all in an affordable, safe and effective way.

– Dr. Wayne Huber, DC

If you want to hear more about how this program can work for you, give us a call for a free, no pressure consultation to see if this program is right for you.

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