The knee is often stated to be stuck in the middle (between the foot and the hip) with few places to run and no place to hide. No knee just decides to tear a meniscus, an ACL, PCL, LCL or MCL and no knee just decides to have patella-femoral pain, ITB pain or develop a baker’s cyst all by itself. It is truly dependent on the forces applied from the bottom up at the foot/ankle and from the top down from the hip, core and Thoracic spine. Our approach for non-surgical knee pain issues involve a global approach to enhance the entire super structure of the human movement system in conjunction with our soft tissue approach to ensure unity between the femur, tibia and patella. Our global approach works very well with your surgeon’s arthroscopic or reconstructive surgery knee rehab protocols.

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As a Sports Chiropractic Physician - our goal is to find out why you would need to be adjusted. Most Chiropractors look for subluxations and how the nervous system is adversely affected due to interference to the nerve affecting the system. At ActiveSpine, we figure out why the subluxation is present and attack this dysfunction vs the adjust the spine and hopefully will resolve the imbalances present that are not allowing for normal biomechanics to occur. Once that is established and addressed, at least at that point there would be a reasonable chance that an adjustment will actually hold. This is where patients fall into the trap of numerous adjustments provided by their Chiropractor per week. The proper environment is not present to provide a reasonable chance to succeed.

We regularly tell people that if you have muscular imbalances from right to left, front to back, lateral or medial, due to the muscles attachments, this will directly or indirectly affect how the joint moves. If we just adjust the joint, the muscles will typically pull the joint back out of place again by the time they reach their car in the parking lot.

We want to create an environment that if adjustment is necessary, the joint can live in a habitat that would allow it to succeed.

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