Imagine being a detective and coming to a crime scene where the victim is crying on the couch and the criminal is hugging the victim and raising the hand admitting they were guilty. I am sure current law enforcement would enjoy that but let’s be honest it rarely happens. Typically the detectives have to ask a bunch of questions, interview witnesses and look at the evidence to eventually find the perpetrator, which is usually in another neighborhood or often way across town. When you strain muscles and tendons or sprain ligaments the ActiveSpine investigators will evaluate your movement system and interview all of the body parts to determine which the most likely probably suspects are involved with your injury. We can assume that no soft tissue decides to damage itself but rather becomes damaged when it is asked to produce more force than it can handle and therefore we need to find out who needs to help do more work with the activities you desire and assist them in contributing to the movement system while we apply our manual and taping skillset to repair and remodel the damaged tissue. With this approach we have great success with soft tissue injuries to the calves, hamstrings, quads, groins, hip flexors, abdominals, etc…and often we hear the our athletes move much better and more efficient after our rehab process than they did prior to the injury.

As a Sports Chiropractic Physician - our goal is to find out why you would need to be adjusted. Most Chiropractors look for subluxations and how the nervous system is adversely affected due to interference to the nerve affecting the system. At ActiveSpine, we figure out why the subluxation is present and attack this dysfunction vs the adjust the spine and hopefully will resolve the imbalances present that are not allowing for normal biomechanics to occur. Once that is established and addressed, at least at that point there would be a reasonable chance that an adjustment will actually hold. This is where patients fall into the trap of numerous adjustments provided by their Chiropractor per week. The proper environment is not present to provide a reasonable chance to succeed.

We regularly tell people that if you have muscular imbalances from right to left, front to back, lateral or medial, due to the muscles attachments, this will directly or indirectly affect how the joint moves. If we just adjust the joint, the muscles will typically pull the joint back out of place again by the time they reach their car in the parking lot.

We want to create an environment that if adjustment is necessary, the joint can live in a habitat that would allow it to succeed.

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