When a crime takes place, we all typically have compassion on the victim. Most of us look for the perpetrator and seek justice, but very few actually find the criminal and successfully rehabilitate them back into the community. We can and should protect and pacify the victims but that provides them with little comfort and confidence long term until we find the “bad guy.” To truly help and protect more victims and prevent more crimes, we need to identify the problem behind the problem and provide a solution to eradicate a particular issue – otherwise we will continue to see pain, stress, fear and limitations to living a full life.

The human body is an integrated chain reaction. Every body part is designed in such a way that it depends on its next door neighbors and even those across town. When one of members of this society decides not to participate, someone else has to pick up the slack. When this continues over time, we see an individual get overworked, burnt out and eventually they show that they are hurting. Every body part has a role, is significant and is vital. The head cannot say to the feet, “I do not need you.” This is actually a great metaphor for life in general. We are all vital to the greater good of our community and society as a whole.

My personal criminals are my foot structure, my old ankle sprains, the previous muscle strains around my hips and the way I have trained and compensated over the years. They all play a role in how my victim, my low back, feels. When my low back starts to hurt, I quickly encourage it and let it know that I am going to check in with its aforementioned neighbors and see if we can have an intervention. In the clinic we often see pitchers, golfers and tennis players with shoulder and elbow problems that have been victimized by criminals in the thoracic spine, the hips and even in the feet. It seems obvious to look somewhere else. I mean, how many times do cops arrive at the scene of the crime and the criminal is standing right next to the victim raising their hand and saying, “It was me. Please put me in jail.”

Let’s be sure your society is protected and your community is thriving to a point where these type of crimes are not happening. If you are sending cop cars and ambulances, i.e. ice packs, stretches and pain pills, to the same house or business and you have for years, it is time to start looking around the neighborhood and see who needs a visit from the justice system. After all, can’t we just all get along?